Fall 2021 Sift Product Release: Simply Intelligent Fraud Prevention

Fall 2021 Sift Product Release: Simply Intelligent Fraud Prevention


Fraud is incredibly complicated to fight, and the tools used need to be as simple as they are effective. Sift latest product release places a strong emphasis on decreasing the need to switch between services, as well as reducing potential errors while fighting fraud with Sift. This release enables Sift customers to be even more accurate and successful when fighting fraud while removing many of the headaches that come with the job.

Connectivity between Sift and Zendesk

Sophisticated fraud fighters often have to use numerous tools to find the information they need, as well as to gain context for more precise decisioning. Sift’s Zendesk Connector streamlines the data collection process, providing visibility and clarity into events, and enabling fraud and customer service teams to efficiently gather, share, and analyze information, keeping both organizations on the same page and working in lockstep with one another.

This new Connector is simple to use and is available in the Sift Connect app gallery within the Sift Console.

Workflows are now even smarter, making your job easier than ever before. Workflows Replay minimizes errors, ensuring the accuracy of any workflow changes prior to going live by pulling in detailed metrics that pinpoint underperforming routes and uncover applicable trends. Businesses will stop more fraud while providing stellar customer experiences—without adding disruption or complexity to the process.

Fraudsters are more sophisticated and strategic than ever, and often gain total access to their victims’ personal email inboxes—making it incredibly challenging for fraud fighters to confidently validate the authenticity of logins. Sift’s new delayed security notifications improve the likelihood that responses to security alerts will be from the valid account owner, allowing risk teams to assess suspicious logins independently before tipping off anyone with access to that user’s email inbox.

For fintech customers utilizing Jumio and Onfido for KYC and ID verification, Sift is becoming much simpler and more powerful. New connectors (available soon) will allow joint customers to trigger validation experiences directly from Sift with a simple Connector, and send data back to Sift automatically to continue training the model and ensure optimal performance.

Enhanced, fintech-focused APIs for advanced capabilities

Sift expanded the API to mirror the changing payments landscape, providing greater flexibility and monitoring for the key components of how transactions occur and payments are made.

These enhancements include support for a broader range of payments, including the top 30 cryptocurrencies, SEPA, ACH, and wire transfers. Newly supported transaction types offer a more tailored approach to fighting fraud for fintech companies and enable the facilitation of PSD2 compliance requirements. Each change enriches sift machine learning models for best-in-class, real-time fraud detection and mitigation.

Source : Sift

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