Online service is the most important services in banking industries. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of customers data is a prerequisite for implementing the integrated services that ultimately provide satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

Herewith the security issue will occurs in banking industry :

  • Designer malware, worms, or other destructive program code
  • Unauthorized transfer of personally identifiable or account information of customers
  • Sensitive account information exfiltrated out of the network by a third party, such as organized criminal groups
  • Internal employees sharing M&A transaction or SEC filing information for the company with a competitor or the press
  • Resumes of key personnel shared with competitors
    Inappropriate, threatening or hostile communications
  • Illegal activities and inappropriate uses of company resources

Current security countermeasures and approaches may address one or more aspects of the problems above, but most are limited in scope. For example, although IDS can detect certain types of malware and exploits, it will not detect most zero-day attacks and will provide no assistance at all with competitor or appropriate-use-related issues. Likewise, content monitoring (CMF) can fall short when asked to make correlations between malware and data exfiltration activities such as those found in beacon traffic or P2P tunneling exploits.

Q2 Government solution solves this problem for banking industries by offering a powerful infrastructure that records all the data across on the network and performs fully automated analyses of immense volumes of reconstructed network, application, and user traffic via our unique monitoring application. The application is specifically designed to provide specific and accurate threat alerts and in depth policy and regulatory compliance reports on a wide variety of categories pertinent to financial services firms, including Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, PCI and much more. The application distills highly sophisticated sets of complex network data and quickly highlights important government business concerns such as insider threats, data leakage, covert activities/channels, compromised hosts and malware activities.