Our Focus

Current industrial is increasingly relying on IT to improve efficiency and business performance. Whether it's banking industry, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and small medium business has made IT as an essential part of their business.

There is a similarity from government to business industry that IT has become a very important part in their business and furthermore with the existence of it, government will be able to reach the world society to have an efficient and wide range communications. With IT government will encourage a business cycle and business environment which heading to good corporate governance, indirectly it will improve the living standard of many people.

As been said before, threat have evolved and developed abruptly along with IT Development, in other words both industry and government are depend on IT, and it is exposed from the threat that have been mention before.

In case both government and IT ignore the importance the role of security in securing their system, there will be a lot of loss that will be expecting them.

  • Government E-governance is one of government initiatives to provide data and information to the public through agency website. Public expect agencies to protect their data and information such as driver's license and residential information. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data, is the challenge in E-governance system.

  • Banking Online service is the most important services in banking industries. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of customers data is a prerequisite for implementing the integrated services that ultimately provide satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

  • Enterprise & SMB Information technology is vital infrastructure for today's enterprise and Small business industries. Online e-Commerce have deployed a wide array of technologies, from online shopping to supply chain management to integrated point-of-sale systems, in order to provide consumers with goods and services in a fashion that meets their demands for convenience, value and choice. Protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability customer and organization data is the challenge.