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Disruption happened on every aspect of life span transportation with uber, accomodation with R&B, content with facebook etc. It happened not only financial and government industries, but also industries and consumers. New technologies such as mobility, artificial intellegence, IOT, big data are enabled them
Information technology gears it and yield the productivity improvement, simplicity and user experience. Everything is connected, shared and accessibly. New vulnerability, malware and breach are more and required to be eliminated and bring more trust and secure.
Q2 technologies comes and focus on the IT security, secure the unsecured. We always to be the leading to handle those issues, trends and turn it to be the trustworthy solution.
With the certified and experienced manpower, Q2 will help our customer from consulting, assess the security posture, implement and maintain them. It spans from  risk and compliance I.e Anti Money Laundering, and Anti Fraud,  Cyber security such as anti phishing, anti-ddos, fds and anti malware, security services such as penetration test, security operation center.
We also want to deliver it with the worlwide IT security standard I.e ISO9000, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS.
Q2 enables the People, Process and Technology to always Secure the Unsecure and bring values to our beloved customer

Best Regards,


Sumarto Santosa

President Director of PT Q2 Technologies