Q2 Technologies implemented its Mobile Device Management solutions from Mobile Iron at Permata Bank

Posted : May 09, 2014

December 4th, 2013


Mobile technology is driving a massive shift in the ability of IT to support the way people want to work. Companies have to move fast and adopt new technologies rapidly.


Mobile Iron is a solution with Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. Mobile Iron has been chosen by hundreds of companies and is a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant. Mobile Iron appliances have the capability to support more than 10.000 devices without and additional software and hardware.


Furthermore, Mobile Iron will facilitate a convenient in arranging the applications, securing the data and documents it can also be used with various OS (Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, Blackberry) by BYOD privacy control.


Mobile Iron is a new technology implementation in Permata Bank. Due to employees high mobility, all office data and email need to be connected inside the employee personal devices, therefore the need of IT Security Team for controlling the usage of office application and securing the data that connected to the all employees personal device has risen.


Now, the solution has been implemented for Permata Bank Board of Directors and several high level teams from the bank. Future plans for the solutions; it will be developed and will secure all devices that existed in the whole branches of Permata Bank.


“We hope the trust that have been given to us by Permata Bank, will continue to expand not only in the internal of Permata Bank but also in other big scale companies and banks.” said Fernando Wangsa, Director of Q2 Technologies.


Q2 Technologies has foreseen the implementation of Mobile Iron solutions for Mobile Device Management at Permata Bank not only as strategic initiatives but also as good experiences for the company in dominating the business in the Mobile Device Management area.