Preventing Fraud and Breach with Q2 and IBM

Posted : September 25, 2014

Q2 Technologies with IBM held a seminar titled Preventing Fraud & Breach by Guaranteeing Data Security and Privacy on Wednesday, September 23rd at The Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. This event was attended by President Director of Q2 Technologies, Sumarto Santosa, Managing Director of Q2 Technologies, Fernando Wangsa and peers in banking.

Also present as a key note speaker, Director of Strategy and Development of Information Systems Financial Services Authority (FSA), Dwi Kurniawan. "The FSA strongly supports these kind of activities because we are very worried of the crimes in the world of banking such as fraud and breach. Therefore, we need to bring a solution to counter this crucial problem," he said.

Moreover, Q2 and IBM introduced Optim Guardium--an application to prevent leakage and ensure data integrity. Generally, an identical application like Optim Guardium would take a long time in the installation process.

"This is one of our main advantage. Optim Guardium only requires approximately 60 minutes for installation. And after the process, there is no change in the level of both the Data Base Management System and applications," said Technical Sales Specialist IBM Software Group, Aditya Gandakusuma.

IBM Optim Guardium has three key drivers. First, it reduces cost--automate creation of realistic "right sized" test data to reduce the size of test environments. It reduce risk, mask sensitive information for compliance and protection. Last but not least, it also speed delivery, refresh test data through self-service, speeding testing and application delivery.

"Keep in mind that this application is able to do a real time monitoring towards database," he added.

People are expected to be more attentive to banking and financial crimes that has been increasingly rampant. Thus, applying the strategies or solutions such as IBM Optim Guardium should be done as early as possible.

Thanks to Q2’s sales team and technical team, to Anabatic and all colleagues who contributed to the success of the seminar for Preventing Fraud and Breach by Guaranteeing Data and Data Security and Privacy.