IBM i2, Financial Crimes Solutions for World Bank

Posted : September 17, 2014

Q2 Technologies with one of the largest information technology company in the world, IBM held a seminar entitled "Counter Financial Crimes Management for Banking" held on Thursday, September 11 last at the Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta. According to the theme, the event was attended by peers in banks to discuss ways to counteract and fight against the perpetrators of crime in the banking world.

According to Managing Director Fernando Wangsa Q2 Technologies, crime in the banking world, especially in Indonesia, has grown rapidly and need to be addressed quickly and carefully. "Therefore, Q2 with IBM comes as a solution to reduce harmful activities," he said in the opening speech.

The seminar also introduced i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis, a software that is designed to help users investigate complex cases and to generate actionable visualizations. Overall, i2 can identify and ward off hacker attacks in detail.

"IBM i2 will match a number of indications as the hacker’s motivation, so that users are aware that there is a weakness in the system and also the reason behind why the system is attacked," said i2 ASEAN Sales Lead IBM Software Group, Benjamin Lam during his presentation.

Peers of banks are expected to be more attentive to banking and financial crimes that has been increasingly rampant. Thus, applying the strategies or solutions such as IBM i2 should be done as early as possible.

Thanks to Q2’s sales team and technical team, Anabatic and all colleagues who contributed to the success of the seminar for "Counter Financial Crimes Management for Banking".